A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Yume Nikki fan game set during the 1960s. Play as a Soviet spy deep inside the United States government who has bad dreams.

Currently, you can complete the game, but its very bare-bones.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, ohrrpgce


empty.zip 2 MB
empty-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 1 MB
empty2020.zip 2 MB
empty2020-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 1 MB
empty2020-mac.zip 1 MB

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That's a very interesting setting for a YNFG. I enjoyed clicking the TV over and over to read all the messages.

Dear MorpheusKitami recently i played your game a lot and found some bugs which i should tell you as to developer.
1. Dark place after forest with some troops and flags, there is brown door but how i not tried i never couldn't enter in it.
2. Maze like area with a yellow roads and lava, when i tried reach another brown door i couldn't do it, because basically there is no road which led to that door, road there is not connected.
3. Place with a brown walls and blue floor, there was another brown door (sorry for often using this word) which can't be reached from a stupid wall without any entrance or breach in it, you should know that place, there is a many knights.
So this is bugs which i found, and since game is in development i thought that you should know about those bugs to fix them in the full version of game, also small advice, you should try make effect which can speed up Lexa, zones/areas/maps which you made are very big and wide or even looped, no one like walk in big areas like this HOURS with a slow speed, speed effect could fix this a little.  Anyway this is my comment/opinion/bugs report or something, Listen to these tips or not you decide, but i couldn't be silent about all of this, still i hope you will fix those bugs, but if i just don't understood something in those areas, i will be glad if you explain to me this. Goodluck with the game. 

Yeah, the first two will be fixed whenever I get around to putting up an updated version of this. The third, I'm not actually seeing any inability to reach the door or access it.  Did you reach it, but not actually go into the black area surrounding it?

The rest will be solved one way or another when the next version comes out.

Wow! You replied faster than i thought, anyway i glad to hear about that and will be wait update. Really? Well then, i try again, but maybe i described that area poorly, if i will fail again i ll make screenshot of area to show you that place.
Like i said in my past comment Goodluck with development of this game. ;D

Ok i checked that place agaIn and nope! Still no entrance or breach, like i said here screenshot of place which i meant. 

Oh, I see the problem now, the map should be wraparound.

Well, i been  glad to help a bit with reports kinda,  anyway will be wait update and wish you goodluck with all this game. 
P.S Sorry for my bad English, i am russian guy.